29 June 2015

Golden Hours Family Market: The Perfect Family Day Out

This past weekend there were a number of markets in Durban.

One market in particular that I was keen to go to was the Golden Hours Family Market in Durban North.

Out of all the markets that were on this weekend, this was the one market I had never been to, and I had heard so many great things about it.

So we found ourselves at the market at around lunch time on Sunday, shortly after my husband Ashley's random search for tools around Durban.

Image Credit: Golden Hours Family Market Facebook Page

Venturing from Phoenix through to Springfield Park, we had realised that a lot of Durban North was on the same Load Shedding block as us, as our power had went out at 10am and would be restored at 12pm.

Unfortunately for the food stalls at the Golden Hours Market, the power had not been restored at 12pm, possibly due to some fault.

Image Credit: Golden Hours Family Market Facebook Page
Some stalls were lucky enough to have gas cookers, but this was only sufficient to cook certain dishes, and then there were others who didn't even have gas cookers.

As it was around lunch and I hadn't had breakfast, we went in search of something to eat.

We got a few samoosa's at the Snack Hut and a cream pancake from another stall, then walked around some more to see what the market had to offer.


There was everything from dream catchers to books and clothes.

There were also awesome stalls with home made pickles and sweet treats.

One particular clothing store Bellamoda, caught my attention with their eye-catching items. What was even better was their prices. Their dresses and tops were starting from R50 and were a real bargain.

Image Credit: Bellamoda Facebook Page
Once we perused all the stalls we were ready to eat.

We walked through the food stalls looking at the meals and were quite impressed.

One of the restaurants, Go Deli, was quite nice looking and had an even more impressive menu.

There was Prawns, Rice and Slaw for a mere R60 as well as Calamari, Rice and Slaw for R50. All well presented and brought to your table by the friendly owner.

There was also The Burger Box, and we decided to sample their simple meals as the market had this amazing laid-back feel to it.

Ashley opted for a Lamb Burger at R25 and I had a Cheeza which is a cheese griller for R20. We shared our meals with my daughter Danielle as it was quite filling.

Ashley was drawn to a dessert stall, where he got a slice of lemon meringue and raved that it was absolutely amazing.

Other food stalls included dishes from breyani to lasagne and Portuguese rolls.

But the food and goods stalls weren't the only cool things about the market.

There was an awesome playground which Danielle loved. There was everything from slides to swings and trampolines. There was also a sand art station and jungle gyms.

So all in all, an awesome market for the entire family. I give the atmosphere, food and stalls a 9/10.

You can find out more about the Golden Hours Family Market on their Facebook page.

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