24 June 2015

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Kids are the best!

There's never a dull moment when you're around them, and even when they are not trying to, they can be really funny.

Sometimes it's wanting to do 'adult things', like sweeping up with a broom that's twice their size, or putting on your heels that are 5 sizes too big.

Other times it's using words without knowing their meaning.

And while sometimes it can be funny, there are times you want to cringe or hide under a rock.

The times I'm talking about are when they drop those swear words, especially in public.
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Now, our family are not the biggest foul-mouths in town, but there are the odd times when we are watching a comedy and DSTV decides then won't let you activate the Family Language on the movie, and so these word slip out.

One particular time my daughter Danielle picked up on the F word. We did not know this as she'd never used it around the house.

It was only when we went to fetch her from her gran's after work, that we heard about the day's events and Danielle dropping the F bomb like it's hot!

Yes, this child chose not to use it in front of us, but to use it in constructive sentences at her gran's.

Lord help us.

So there we were trying to convince this kid that it's absolutely wrong for her to swear and curse, but in the same breath we were trying to hold back our laughter as her swearing in innocence was quite funny.

But here's the thing. How do parents know when it stops being funny?

Is it when they constantly use the swear words?

Is it when they are cursing in public?

I think the first time is enough. I think that from the get-go, they should be made aware of why these words are bad.

Maybe explain how certain words are degrading and were created to make people feel bad.

If there's one thing I know, it's that kids are all about the feels.

I see it in my own daughter, where if I am sick, she would keep coming to me and checking up on me.

I would be in another room sneezing, and she would leave whatever she was doing and race to my side, patting my back and asking if I was okay.

And I think that if you tell kids how these words would make people upset, they may not want to use them again, for fear of hurting people.

So that's the one way of dealing with kids and the F bombs.

Do you have other ways of tackling this? Tell me in the comments below.

And while you're thinking up your comments, here's a video on toddlers cursing for the first time.

Video Credit: Youtube.

PS: This post was named after the popular 90's show I enjoyed as a kid. :)

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