5 May 2015

How Weddings Should Be...

This past Saturday I had the utmost pleasure of attending one of my good friends, Samantha Dawe's wedding.

She and I became friends while working together and I'm proud to say that my friendship with her, as well as the other ladies that I worked with there, has stood the test of time.

The wedding was held in Alvertsone, Hillcrest, and was simply amazing.

Most times a wedding is a long affair, with tons of formalities and nothing that really shows us the character of the couple.

Samantha's wedding to Stephen was the total opposite of that.

Every little detail was a true reflection of the couple.

From the bouquets and favours, which were crafted by Sam, to her wearing purple sneakers underneath her wedding dress (her favourite colour is purple).

Image Credit: Samantha Dawe Facebook Page
The ceremony itself was not long, and the reception was intimate and fun.

It had its' fair share of speeches but they were short, sweet and to the point.

There was also a singer who performed an amazing mix of songs live.

The table settings were really great and each place setting had a rock with our names on it.

We were given the opportunity to write messages for the couple under the rocks, which were collected and will be used to create a rock feature of sorts.

Another fun and creative element which I'm sure the bridal couple came up with.

Even Danielle, who had her own place setting with personalised wedding favour, had her own meal prepared for her.

Danielle was not completely bored out of her mind and had a great time.

The food was practical, delicious and elegantly presented.

The wedding cake just shouted Samantha and Stephen as their cake topper wasn't the usual bridal couple in black and white.

Sam's figurine had a colourful outfit and fairy wings while Stephen's figurine had a light saber.

And that's how weddings should be. Not an opportunity to show off to family and friends, and display yourself as someone you're not.

I wish I had known this when I was getting married. At the time I could not afford to have a wedding because there was a 'standard' that had to be met.

Almost a class or level the wedding should be, which I could not meet.

Most weddings are more an event rather than a celebration, but Samantha and Stephen's wedding was definitely a celebration.

Because it was an intimate setting, you could just feel the love and happiness in the room.

So if you are planning to get married but are worried about what people are going to say or if you are going to meet their expectations; don't!

Your wedding day is about you and celebrating your love.

Do it the way you want to, be it big or small, indoors or outdoors, down the road from where you live, or miles away from home. Just let it be a reflection of you.

And on that note I'd like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Hope Dawe, Samantha and Stephen. I wish you both a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness.

Thank you for inviting me to share your special day with you. It was one of those experiences that got me right in the feels. :)


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