7 May 2015

So Much To Do And See At uShaka Marine World

This past weekend was the last of those magical long weekends so we decided to make the most of it.

The long weekend started off on Friday, with a visit to my gran who is 70 years old. She was unwell so after hunting around for a doctor on a public holiday, most of the day ran away with us.

I spent Saturday at my good friend Samantha Dawe's wedding. You can read about the experience here.

Sunday, the last day of the long weekend was spent at uShaka Marine World.
Image Credit: Google Images
I had been there once before, while I was still studying. My friends decided they wanted to swim at Wet n' Wild, and me hating pools and beaches, decided to sit at the benches and guard the towels while everyone had a swim.lol.

Ashley and Danielle had never been to uShaka before so it sort of was the first time we'd all be going there to experience the entire park.

From start to finish, uShaka Marine World was simply amazing.

As we entered, there were Zulu dancers who had just begun a performance. They were full of energy and never missed a beat. Pure mzansi talent.

It was even more amazing when the Zulu dancers joined the brass band and uShaka mascots and went around the park singing and dancing.

I was quite excited but Danielle was a tad bit afraid of the mascots. #KidProblems

After watching this grand spectacle we made our way to aquarium to have a look. We had just half an hour to go before the dolphin show so had to rush through looking at everything.

There was everything from shark to jelly fish and turtles. They were all breathtaking.

From the aquarium we made our way to the Dolphin Show. I don't think just one word can describe the experience. It was everything from amazing to spectacular, extraordinary and out of this world!

The amazing dolphin above is Gambit. He is not only a father at Seaworld but a grandfather and great grandfather too! He is a hopping 44 years old!

Here's a little taste of what you can enjoy at the Dolphin Show.

Once the Dolphin Show was over we made our way to Wet 'n Wild.

We changed into our swimming clothes and decided we'd quickly catch the Seal Show before heading to the pools.

Unfortunately we were a bit too late and the show was quite short, so we only managed to catch 5 minutes or so, but it was still good.

As we headed to Wet 'n Wild, I think Ashley was more excited to swim than Danielle was.

While I entertained Danielle at the kiddy pool, Ashley enjoyed the Lazy River and the Big Slides.
Image Credit: uShaka Website
Image Credit: uShaka Website
After an hour or 2 passed, Danielle got a bit peckish so I took her to get changed into some dry clothes and we headed off to Wahooz to grab something to eat.

Danielle insisted that they had corn on the cob, which she loves, but they didn't.

So we settled for hot chips and a slush puppie. The chips were fresh and a massive portion. Danielle enjoyed at least half of it and we got to nibble the rest.

After the chips, she played in the pool with Ashley and then we finally decided it was time to go home.

But not before we could check out the aquarium again. Properly this time, without rushing through.

Once we had a good look through the aquarium we got a bite to eat at Panarottis (kids eat free on Sundays.lol).

And there we were, leaving uShaka Marine World, eight hours later.

It had been an entire day of fun and I would do it all over again!

There's just so much to do for both kids and adults so it's a great family day out.

It's amazing what great places we have right here in our back yards.

So if you're struggling to find something to do on the weekend, why not head over to uShaka Marine World.

It's a local, fun place that everyone can enjoy. :)

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