9 April 2015

The Lighter Side of Parenting

As a young parent I am often asked how I deal with the stresses of being a mum; juggling a career and family life.

And I've always said that even if you are not prepared; once your child arrives you have to pull yourself together, pick up the load and get moving.

Parenting surely isn't the easiest, but it is quite fun and rewarding.

I was really excited to learn that I'd won tickets from Mama Magic to see the opening show of the parenting comedy "Who's Your Daddy?" by Chris Forrest.

If one thing's for sure it's that parents can relate with each other on any kind of level; be it the sleepless nights, nappy changes or funny moments.

So we knew we were in for a treat with this show.

We were definitely not disappointed as Chris was on point with all of his encounters as a first-time parent.

He explained each trimester a pregnant woman goes through, speaking about his wife and how she faced each stage.

Who knew that pregnancy and being a first-time parent could be an amazing 60 minute script for a one-man comedy show?

Chris rolled out the jokes with such ease and did not lose momentum throughout the set.

With a crowd full of parents, parents-to-be as well as people who have never had kids; one would think that some of the jokes would have flown over some heads; but not the case.

Chris was able to tell a story, filled with humour, that most people could relate to.

The show was very telling as it highlighted that no matter what race, age or area you're from, all parents face the same challenges, drama and fun.

Another lovely feature was that Huggies, who were a sponsor for the event, gave out lovely goodie bags to everyone that attended, as well as a few hampers to some lucky members of the audience.

When it comes to shows, especially comedy sets, one is always wary of the type of humour showcased as well as if it will cater to personal tastes.

Overall this show was amazing. Having seen Chris Forrester perform for the first time, we can say that we were highly impressed and will definitely see his other shows.

So why not check out "Who's Your Daddy," showing at Seabrooke's Theatre until 12 April 2015.

You can also follow Chris Forrest on Twitter or find him on Facebook.

*Image Credits: Chris Forrest Twitter Account.*


  1. Can't wait for the show to come to Johannesburg. Watch Chris on a regular basis so really excited to see this change of format ☺

    1. Hi Greig. Thank you for the feedback. I'm sure you're going to love this one as well. The humour is just so fresh, and he just rolls with the punches. It's almost as if it wasn't even scripted. Enjoy :)