14 April 2015

Fast & Furious 7 VIP Screening

As new parents it's always difficult to get back into the social scene.

Be it going out with friends or date nights; it's always tough to leave your child behind to go out and have fun.

To people without kids this may sound strange, but when one becomes a parent you feel guilty to have a good time without your child; even when they're 2 years old.

So it was almost a much needed push from the universe when we got tickets to a VIP screening of Fast & Furious 7.
Image Credit: Champion SA Facebook Page
This was thanks to the guys at Champion South Africa, leaders in performance driven parts for the automotive, marine and aviation industries.

My husband and I had not been to the movies in months, simply because when we go out without our daughter we're always worrying about her and really can't have a good time because we're always thinking of her.

So we decided that we'd take the opportunity that Champion had given us and went to the VIP screening.

Now I am not a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise. I've watched all the movies but am not a die-hard supporter.
Image Credit: Google Images.
I went into the movie theatre without high hopes for anything, just the usual nice cars and high-speed chases.

Apart from the nice looking cars, I think more than anything, people were there to see what would happen to the late Paul Walker's character Brian O' Conner.

To be honest, I really enjoyed Fast 7. Apart from the storyline being good, with amazing back tracks and threads that ran through all the other movies and met at Fast 7, the thing I enjoyed most was the way in which they handled the fate of Paul Walker's character.
Image Credit: Google Images.
Without giving the entire story away, I will say that it was a really fitting and dignified way in which to honour a member of the team who has been there since day one.

It was also nice to hear the directors and the cast say that they had to finish the movie, for Paul.
Image Credit: Google Images.
Paul Walker tragically passed away in a car crash when the movie was only half done, so with the help of his brothers and other stunt actors, they were able to run Paul's character through the entire movie.

So for die-hard Fast and Furious fans, you are going to thoroughly enjoy it.

For those who are not so keen, give the movie a try. You may end up enjoying it just as I did. :)
Image Credit: Google Images.

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