20 April 2015

A Sweet Surprise from Wicked Donuts

Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I do not have a sweet tooth.

While people go gaga over chocolate and desserts; I'm about the savoury life.

I especially hate anything red velvet, be it cupcakes or cake.

Give me chips of any kind or samoosas and I'm a happy camper.
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But despite my hate for all things sweet, there is one treat in particular that I've loved my entire life; Doughnuts!

Not the long, cream filled one's that are always way too oily, but the round doughnuts, topped with chocolate or sprinkles.

I am proud to say that this love for doughnuts has been passed on to my 2 year old daughter Danielle.

This was discovered the one night, when my husband and I found ourselves driving all over trying to find a doughnut with sprinkles for her. Sadly most petrol stations house those silly cream doughnuts and aint nobody got time for that!

So I was extremely pleased when I was #DonutDropped last week by the awesome people at Wicked Donuts.

A Donut Drop is a great campaign put together by Wicked Donuts, which sees them surprise people with a box of their yummy doughnuts.

I was lucky to get a big box delivered to me, which I was able to share with colleagues and family.

The all-round sentiment was that they were extremely delicious.

I've seen Wicked Donuts stands at most of the markets that I've been too and most times I've been a few minutes too late; where all their stock is sold out. So I was quite pleased to try them out this time.

Image Credit: Wicked Donuts Facebook Page

Wicked Donuts pride themselves as the creators of hand-crafted doughnuts for every occasion.

And this could not be more true as one look at their menu says it all.

If you thought that doughnuts were just chocolate and sprinkles you have a lot to learn.

Image Credit: Wicked Donuts Facebook Page

The Wicked Donuts list includes The Homer, a donut filled with yummy homemade vanilla bean custard and smothered in a velvety chocolate ganache.

There's also the Dulce de Leche which is topped with white chocolate and crammed with caramel, the Choc Chubby, Fudge Brownie, Carmelsutra and Peanut Butter & Jelly (PB&J).

What's great about Wicked Donuts is that it's not mass produced average goods, but hand-crafted items that can also be personalised for all kinds of occasions.

Image Credit: Wicked Donuts Facebook Page
So if you are a doughnut lover like me or want to try a really good doughnut, give Wicked Donuts a try.

They are based in Durban North and also have a number of retailers which include the Shell Garage in Overport.

Their website is currently under construction, so for more information or to place an order you can Like their Facebook page.



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