2 April 2015

Giving Back At I Care

I have this thing were at least every 2 months I try and do something with an NGO or charity.

In August last year I did the Pick 'n Pay Women's Walk in aid of the Pink Drive; an organisation that raises money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

In October I hosted a Cuppa for CANSA; an event that raised money for Cancer Association of South Africa.

In December I did a feeding scheme at the Verulam Day and Frail Care Centre which takes care of the aged. I provided a meal for the home on Christmas Eve.

My next initiative was meant to be in February but life became hectic and I honestly forgot.

When March came along, one of the things I decided for my 25th birthday was that I was not going to spoil myself. This included not buying myself a new dress or going out for supper etc.

I decided I'd do a community initiative instead and with Easter a few days away, the timing was perfect.

I discovered an organisation on Stamford Hill Road called I Care.

I Care describes themselves as a non profit Christian organisation that creates meaningful and sustainable solutions for street children through awareness programmes, rehabilitation, shelters and skills/ job creation and finally producing effective members of society.

They have a number of facilities across South Africa. These include the one in Stamford Hill Road, Somerset Park in Umhlanga and in Brixton, Johannesburg.

The Stamford Hill Road branch takes homeless children off the streets during the day, giving them a place where they can learn, play sport and bath and clothe themselves.

Unfortunately they do not have an overnight facility but are able to gives these kids a chance to learn, play and grow in a safe environment.

So I decided I'd spread some Easter cheer with these kids and give them some sweet treats to enjoy.

I thought I'd make it fun and got my husband Ashley to make paper baskets which my friend Melusha and I decorated and filled with treats.

When we got to the centre it was extremely humbling. The kids were so excited to see us and even more keen for what we had to give them.

The centre itself has such a homely feel to it, and a delicious smell which was their lunch being prepared, made the place all the more inviting.

We met with centre manager Bhekani who gave us a tour of the place and explained exactly what they do.

You can tell this is a man with a massive weight on his shoulders, but he continues his work with smiles and an amazing spirit.

We handed out the baskets to these excited kids who kept thanking us; and that was the best part!

Their gratitude spoke volumes and it is an experience I will never forget.

If you would like to get involved with I Care you can visit their Facebook page or their website.

They need all the help they can get; be it donations or volunteer work.

I Care's motto is "Don't give me money, give me a future." So the next time you see a child begging at the robot, think about this and what a greater impact your donations of food or clothes, or time spent at the centre will have.

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