31 March 2015

The Birthday Debate

For lots of people birthdays are a fun time. It's filled with festivities and gifts.

But as time goes by, birthdays are just another day for some people.

I am one of those people. In recent years I have disregarded birthdays as a fun affair.

If anything I wish that the day would go unnoticed. But it doesn't.

With the age of technology, phone calls on your birthday are minimal while Facebook posts come flooding in.

And while I am a Social Media professional, I still feel like a birthday phone call is way better than an SMS, tweet, BBM or Facebook message.

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I guess that's one of the reasons I don't feel like birthdays are all that fun any more.

Another reason is that when is was younger, parents would go all out, even if they didn't have much, to make sure your birthday is special.

You're asked what food you'd like on the day so that your mum can prepare your favourite meal.

The neighbours and even some family are invited to celebrate with you, and it ends up being a way bigger party then it was supposed to.

I remember times where we'd say we're just going to sing Happy Birthday for the person and then have supper, but before we knew it, we were bringing out the chips and cool drink to lay a table and using a white bed sheet or a sari as a background.

Those really were the good old days. But in recent times birthday parties have just become a money-flashing affair, with parents trying to out-do each other with their kids parties.

Gone are the days where parents will just do an impromptu set up. They now hire halls and put up drapes etc.

I believe that society has made it such that parties have to be a time to show off or be better than the next person.

Which is why, yesterday, on my 25th birthday, I actually enjoyed my party.

My husband Ashley surprised me with a party, and the reason I loved it was because it was small, low key celebration.

This was the first party I'd had after 20 years, with my 5th birthday being the last.

It really is the little things that count, and I think I appreciated this way more than I would have a huge party.

What irks me is that most times people who push for the big parties can't really afford them.

They go out of their way to either borrow money, take pay advances or spend money budgeted for household expenses.

So I say, if you want to have a party for your kid, spouse or sibling, go ahead.

But don't go all out to impress people and show off at the expense of your daily living.

Often people come to these functions and don't even appreciate the food etc. but have a lot to say about it.

So just think; why put yourself in debt for ungrateful people? Do what you can, within your means.

Your family may appreciate it more because of the effort and gesture.

What are your thoughts on birthday parties? Is it worth the fanfare? Tell me in the comments below.

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