25 March 2015

Simple Easter Crafts for Kids

The South African calendar has 2 big festive periods where the country just switches into holiday mode.

The one is Christmas, which is filled with roast turkey and trifle, and the other is Easter, a time for hot cross buns, marshmallow eggs and chocolate bunnies.

Besides the religious aspect, Easter is meant, just like Christmas, to be a time of reflection and giving to those less fortunate.

It also happens to be that almost every year, my birthday (30 March) is around the Easter period.

So this year as I get half way to 50, I thought that instead of spending money on myself, I would do something for a children's home on my 25th birthday.

I'm keen to get them some treats and just spend a bit of time with these kids.

Another thing I want to do this year is make some cute Easter crafts with my daughter Danielle. At the age of 2, she is now able to understand and remember what we do, so she's sure to love the craft making.

Now I am not the most creative person. My drawing and creative skills and extremely basic, so while thinking up craft ideas to do with Danielle, I thought, what about other parents out there that aren't so creative? I'm sure they'd like to do some interesting stuff with their kids, without having to have an Art degree.

So here it is; Simple Easter Crafts for Kids:

Easter Bunny Mask

The Easter Bunny Mask is cute and simple to make. There are two types that you can make, as seen below. For the first one you will need paper plates, beady eyes, colourful paper and colour pencils.

You start by drawing ears on your colourful paper and attaching it to the back of the plate with glue. You can then glue on the beady eyes and draw a nose.

For the whiskers, cut out thin strips of colourful paper, then glue them onto the face. Finish off the mask by punching holes on the sides of the plate and thread through elastic.

You can follow the same steps to make the second mask. The only difference is that instead of making the whiskers out of colourful paper, you can use cotton wool.

Mask 1
Mask 2
Paper Easter Basket

For me, the Paper Easter Basket brings back memories of my childhood. I remember making these in preschool or Grade R as it's now known. I wasn't the best at crafts and drawing, but when it came to these festive things, our teacher always praised our creations and allowed us to take them home to our families.

To make the paper basket you will need sheets of paper, either plain or printed, as well as a ruler, pencil, scissors and a stapler.

First take your sheets of paper, which can be A4 for a big basket or smaller for a little basket, and draw 2 vertical lines, then 2 horizontal lines. This will give you 6 squares. You will then need to cut on the outer squares to make the paper look like this:

Once you have this, start folding the paper to form a box, or square basket. Then glue the loose ends together to secure it. You can then take strips of paper and staple them to the basket to make a handle. 

If you've used plain white paper, the kids can have fun decorating it with patterns and pictures. 

Finish off the basket by making grass out of shredded paper, then fill with little Easter eggs.

Easter Crackers

A long standing tradition during Christmas is to have Christmas crackers. So it's pretty cool that we can also have crackers for Easter as well.

To make them, you will need toilet roll holders, crepe paper, colourful paper, stickers, little sweets and toys and colouring pens and pencils.

Using the toilet roll holders as a guide, cut your crepe paper into thick strips, enough to cover the toilet roll holder. Then fill the holder with a toy and some sweets.

Take your cut strips of crepe paper and cover the roll completely. Be sure to twist the end so that the toys and sweets don't fall out.

Then take your colourful paper and cut a thick strip, big enough to go around the toilet roll holder. Fold it over the holder, and secure in the back with a piece of tape. Using stickers and colouring pens and pencils, decorate the front of the cracker.

And there you have it! Simple Easter Crafts for Kids, that you, dear parents, can help make, without being a craft fundi

PS: You're welcome ;)

*All Craft image credits to Google Images.*

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