20 March 2015

A Story of Danielle's Skin Condition

These last few weeks I've been stressing about a rash that Danielle developed.

It started on her scalp and neck, so I went to the pharmacy to see if they could help figure out what it was and provide a solution.

The pharmacist told me that it was insect bites and prescribed a cream for bites and rashes.

I used the cream on her for a while, and the rash started clearing. Once it was all gone I was relieved that it had cleared.

Little did I know that was not the end.

A week later, she started developing a different type of rash, this time behind her knees and her inner elbows.

From the get-go I was convinced it was Eczema. I tried the first cream that the pharmacist gave us, and after a few days it provided no relief.

Still going on my Eczema hunch, which was further fuelled by the fact that my mum had Eczema a while back, I believed she could in fact have Eczema because of genes and what not.

Determined to find-out or confirm my theories I set out in finding a dermatologist. The absolute nightmare was that dermatologists, along with other specialists, are booked well in advance.

While making calls in mid-February, there were only available dates going into mid-March. I was completely frustrated but keep calling every few days to check for cancellations etc.

My luck came through a few weeks later when I phoned and the receptionist advised me that there was a cancellation and I'd be able to take Danielle in a week later. 

That week of waiting had to have been one of the longest week's of mine and Danielle's lives, as I was anxious to know what was going on and she was itchy and miserable.

Fast forward to this Tuesday, 17 March, the day of our appointment. The dermatologist confirmed that she does indeed have Eczema and gave us a script for a specially mixed cream that we'd need to use. 

The pharmacist we visited, who was going to mix the cream, provided us with a whole lot of information on taking care of Danielle's skin.

We were advised to stop all toiletries, be it soap, lotion, cream etc. and start bathing Danielle with glycerine soap. Her clothes cannot be washed in detergents, just normal Sunlight soap. 

Danielle isn't allowed any soft blankets and stuffed toys. I myself cannot use any strong perfumes or anything scented as it may cause her to have a reaction when I'm near her. Other factors such as dust and being in the sun for too long can also cause a flare up.

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This new-found skin condition adds to the list of Don't s as Danielle already has a shellfish allergy and cannot have anything with seafood, traces of it or anything with Iodine. This was discovered when she was just over a year old and I had eaten calamari and breastfed her.

The next day my little angel was covered from head to toe in pimples and had a a fever of 38.5 degrees. 

The doctor indicated that if we had left it even a few minutes longer, my child would have went into anaphylactic shock! Every parent's worst nightmare!

We have since stopped frequenting restaurants that have seafood on the menu for fear of contamination. I myself have stopped eaten calamari, the one thing I wasn't allergic to on the shellfish list. When my husband Ashley decides to have seafood, which he loves, we are sure to use separate dishes and cutlery.

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My task this weekend is to go out and find a pure cotton towel for Danielle, stock up on glycerine soap as well as E45 cream which is great for Eczema and sensitive skin. 

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Another sad fact is that living "sensitively" does not come cheap. Just the other day I bought a small bar of glycerine bath soap for R21, as opposed to the usual R8 for a bar of bath soap. A 200ml bottle of E45 cream retails for R45, as opposed to baby lotion which retails at 250ml for R25.

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As a parent I feel almost broken; I feel like my child might as well live in a bubble if she is going to be so restricted! But it's amazing parents in my friends and family circle who have actually come forward with good advice and lots of support.

I've said this before and I'll say it again; you think that it gets easier as your kids get older but this isn't the case. Every new stage of their lives comes with a new obstacle and you as a parent have to be able to be strong for yourself and your child; all while trying to find solutions.

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So to every parent out there caring for a child that has a skin condition or an allergy; I salute you! Being a parent is already hard work so the added complications just add to the pressure.

For anyone wanting to learn more about Eczema you can visit the Your Parenting website and click here or visit Health 24 an click here

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