16 March 2015

Micasa performs at Old Mutual Music at the Lake: Durban Botanic Gardens

Can I just begin by saying that I have loved Micasa since their "These Streets" days.

I had heard their catchy tune on radio and tuned into the 18th edition of the SAMA Awards in 2012, just to see them perform.

I can safely say that performance was one of the best SAMA performances I'd ever seen. You can check it out here.
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Fast forward to yesterday, 15 March 2015 at Durban Botanic Gardens. It's time for Old Mutual Music at the Lake and none other than Micasa are performing.

I have not been to one of these shows before and both Ashley and I were a bit worried about whether it would be too crowded and if Danielle would be uncomfortable.

And so we ventured out towards Durban, not knowing what to expect. When we arrived it was bit of a struggle to get a good spot in the shade, but we eventually found a great spot that was also really close to the stage.

We set up on the grass and just soaked in the vibe and atmosphere. It was such an amazing mix of people, all races, ages and personalities.

The show was hosted by East Coast Radio's Bongani Mtolo, with the opening act DJ Bhaskar Lee, getting the crowd revved up for Micasa.

Once Micasa got on stage, everyone just went crazy.

J Something belted the group's hits out like a jukebox, while Mo-T played the trumpet like a boss and Dr Duda dropped the beats, hit for hit.

I say that J Something was like a jukebox because while not many big international acts sound good live, Micasa was just next level awesome. While dressed in full formal attire, braving the Durban heat, these guys chimmed out every hit, without a glitch and sounded incredible.

Tracks of the day included their hits "These Streets, "La Vida", "Your Body" which my daughter Danielle is convinced their saying "Your Barney (as in the purple dinosaur), and "Turn You On".

What was great was that even after they performed all their hits, the group went on to do local favourites, one of which Ashley and I love, Brenda Fassie's Vulindlela.

Before breaking out into song, J Something spoke about his childhood and how he was always told that white people can't dance. And he turned into a pretty good dancer! 

Image Credit: ECR Facebook Page
Then he spoke about how chuffed he was to say that he could sing the next song (Vulindlela) because it was in Zulu. It just showcased the group's versatility as J Something also belts out some mean Portuguese lyrics!

So all-in-all, a mind blowing performance from Micasa. 

For a first-time experience at the Durban Botanic Gardens for the Old Mutual Music at the Lake, it was really great. 

I've been harping on to everyone since yesterday, raving about the atmosphere, and how chilled it is as opposed to crowded stadiums where you don't even get to see the act up-close, unless it's on a big screen.

Ticket prices are also really affordable, and you're allowed to bring in your own food and drinks. It really is a win-win situation.

So if ever you're looking to catch great local acts, in a fun yet chilled enviroment that's also kid-friendly, Durban Botanic Gardens, and the Old Mutual Music at The Lake in particular, is the place to be!

Thank you to the Old Mutual iDriveWYZE team for the tickets to Micasa. This amazing experience could not have been possible without you :)

If you would like to follow Micasa you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Music at the Lake shows via their Facebook page and get in touch with the Durban Botanic Gardens on their Facebook page as well.

The Old Mutual iDriveWYZE campaign is on social media. You can like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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