17 August 2015

Review: New Pampers Pants

I received an exciting delivery of a pack of new Pampers pants to try on my 2 year old daughter Danielle and share my thoughts on it.

So I spent the last week trying out this new product on my little one and boy was I impressed!

For me, new Pampers nappy pants are the comfort and protection of a nappy, with the convenience of underpants. Its the best of both worlds!

And this is great news for parents, who like myself, are going through the roller coaster ride that is potty training.

In my 2 years of being a parent, potty training has to be one of the most complicated tasks, even trumping the horror that is 'teething.'

Most parents can vouch for this, especially if their kids are one of those, "I'll do it when I'm ready," toddlers. 

Danielle was excited as I was!
So the new Pampers pants makes parenting just a little easier, as it also helps prevent night-time accidents.

Unlike some nappies that still remain wet at the top, the new Pampers pants absorbs all the wetness and keeps baby dry for hours.

Another feature I love about this product is the amazing fit. This nappy is so user-friendly because it actually conforms to your baby's body shape and moves with your baby, meaning freedom of movement for your little one. 

My daughter Danielle was also quite keen about the new Pampers pants as she called them her "pansies" and loved the cute character designs on the nappy.

So all in all a great experience for mum and baby and definitely a product that I would recommend to friends, family and even strangers!

I give the new Pampers pants a 9/10 rating for innovation, comfort, protection and convenience.


It's been so exciting trying out this new product, and the team at Pampers thought it would be great for my readers to try out the new Pampers pants too!

Pampers will be giving away a pack of nappies each, to 5 lucky readers!!!

You can enter in one of the following ways:

*Find me on Twitter @Br0nwynBJN, follow me, and retweet any of my tweets about the new Pampers pants.

*Go to my Facebook post and Like, Share and Comment with your child's nappy size: https://goo.gl/LW7fg0.

*Send an email to bronwynbjn@gmail.com with your Name, Surname, Phone Number and the answer to this question: Name one feature of the new Pampers pants. You can find the answer in my previous post here: http://goo.gl/VHA2UE.

Entries close at midnight on 27 August 2015 and 5 lucky winners will be randomly selected on 28 August 2015.

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