23 February 2015

Wonder Market, come rain or sunshine

The weather in Durban this weekend was really unstable, with rain for 10 minutes, then bright sunshine for 20 minutes.

My time was spent indoors, trying to find fun things to do with Danielle.

Most of Saturday was spent building puzzles, which Danielle breaks apart when we're half way through, then lets out a cute laugh.

As Sunday crept in, the weather still looked bleak, so my hopes of being outdoors were put on hold.

By lunch time the weather cleared so we all piled into the car and headed off into the direction of Umhlanga to experience the joys of Wonder Market.

It's a market held every month on a designated Sunday at the Chris Saunders Park which is a stone's throw away from the Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

Described as Food, Craft, Treasure, Wonder Market is a lovely way to spend your Sunday. There's tons of great food stalls, crafts as well as clothing and baby accessories.

My husband Ashley loves seafood, so he decided to try out the seafood paella at Ponto Paella.

Other food stalls included Durban's famous foodies Smokezi and Zak & Tonic. Their menu's included everything from pulled pork and brisket, to steak rolls and steak salad respectively.

Sweet treat providers were in abundance and included the team from So Whipped and Wicked Doughnuts. There was also a gorgeous spread laid out by Herman, The Great German Baker.

A feast for the eyes was provided in the form of hand made jewellery, chic fashion and baby goods such as carriers, blankets and clothing.

One particular stall that caught everyone's attention was crafts hand made from scrap metals.

There were great displays throughout the park with everything from giraffes and elephants, to a very impressive figure of a giant galloping horse.

We spent most of our time at this stall, in awe of all their creations. Hats off to these guys for their amazing work.

As we headed out, we noticed a little stall at the exit. This belonged to Home Tec, a company that sells portable gas stoves.

We thought it was quite a nice idea to sell these at the market.

If the current energy crisis is anything to go by, this product will soon be a necessity in everyone's home.

All in all a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I think that for future markets, it would be nice to have some live music. There are tons of local artists looking for extra exposure.

It would also be nice to have more to see. We felt that we saw everything really quickly, so maybe more stalls with more variety. There's currently lots of food stalls so maybe more crafts and more stuff for the kids.

For more information on the Wonder Market you can visit their website or follow them on twitter.

See you at the next market ;)

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