8 June 2015

Coloured President Gets My Vote!

With bad weather promised for KZN this past weekend, we were determined to spend as little time outdoors as possible.

However there was one thing my husband Ashley and I were looking forward to, and we were going to be there, come rain or sunshine.

The comedy show Coloured President has been on our minds since show dates were released.

The one man show by Durban comedian Carvin H Goldstone has been on our list of things to see.
Image Credit: Carvin H Goldtsone Facebook Page
Carvin has been a favourite of ours since we watched the DVD of his show No Swearing.

It was a random DVD and we weren't hoping for much but when we watched the show we were impressed.

The first show prompted us to keep a look out for more of his shows, and we were pleased to see a second show on DVD, titled iBruino.

We are the proud owners of both DVD's and have actually watched them more than once, which is something you usually cannot do with comedy shows.

Once again we were waiting with anticipation for another show, and this came in the form of Coloured President.

So there we were on Saturday night at the Playhouse Theatre in Durban.

Both Ashley and I agreed that the last time we had been there was in our school days, to watch Shakespeare plays.

It was exciting to see that the crowd was an amazing mix of people from all over Durban, and even a few from Cape Town.

But this isn't anything new for Carvin's shows. His audience is always an amazing mix of people.

Image Credit: Carvin H Goldtsone Facebook Page
The reason this is so, is because his comedy knows no boundaries.

Be it race, culture or politics, his jokes allow for you to laugh at someone, and for you to be laughed at too.

This is all in great spirit as the jokes are actually encounters and experiences of the different types of people in South Africa.

I think that another reason Carvin is so successful is because he stays true to his roots and doesn't have an air about him.

He's willing to interact with just about anyone.

He is also family orientated, always working his family into his sets and even getting his son Jaikin Seven Goldstone to introduce him onto stage. This kid is just cute overload!

I also need to make mention of Arnotte Payne. He was the opening act for Coloured President, and boy did he deliver!

Image Credit: Arnotte Payne Facebook Page
His jokes were on point and had us rolling off our seats, in preparation for Carvin's entry on stage.

I hope that Arnotte also does a one man show. We would be there in a heartbeat!

I totally believe in supporting local talent as opposed to international acts, whose shows are extremely overpriced.

You don't even get to see them properly and most times we're given a quick set, seeing more of the support act then the main attraction.
Image Credit: Carvin H Goldtsone Facebook Page
I'm proud to mention that Carvin is taking his show overseas, and has appropriately renamed it Only In Africa, showing in Australia and New Zealand.

I'll be sure to let my family in Oz know that this guy is worth checking out!

I wish Carvin all the best with his future shows and hope that he doesn't forget us when he get's his own tv show. ;)

And to Arnotte, best you start booking them venues and selling those tickets. Peeps would pay to see such fresh and outstanding talent. :)

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