6 March 2015

I Love Bargains and It's Not Because I'm Indian

It's always been a running joke that most Indian people like a good bargain, and while I think my penchant for good deals has nothing to do with my Eastern ancestry, I do believe Durbanites love a good bargain.

I draw this conclusion from a Facebook group I was once a part of, called Durban Factory Shopping, which closed down last year.

I'd like to point out that the group didn't close down due to lack of support or people not getting along etc.

If anything it was one of the better groups on Facebook where people could post a question, even with bad grammar, and still get tons of relevant responses.

The beauty of this group was that it was filled with users from Durban North all the way to Durban South,  all willing to help find the nearest and greatest bargains.

Queries ranged from "where can I get branded t shirts at lower prices?" to "is there a place in Durban where I can buy frozen chicken at wholesale prices?"

People also got into the spirit of sharing deals they found with the group. It's almost as if we became a little factory shopping family.

And then one day I logged onto Facebook and the group was gone.

Further investigation and trying to search for the group yielded no results meaning the group had been disbanded or deleted.

Although I was very sad, I was grateful for the many spots I'd learned about, where I could get anything from clothes to furniture and even groceries.

So it gives me great pleasure in announcing my new blog dedicated to bargains, deals and discounts.

Visit Durban Factory Shopping here: http://durbanfactoryshopping.blogspot.com/

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