16 February 2015

The Litchi Orchard Valentine's Market

This weekend most couples would have celebrated Valentine's Day with romantic getaways and special dates.

My husband Ashley and I don't like celebrating Valentine's Day as we feel it's really commercialised.

So on 14 February 2015, we went to Alberlito Hospital in Ballito to visit my dad who had recently been through an operation.

It's not the best seeing your loved one in a hospital bed, but at least he was making a recovery.

Once the hospital visit was over we still had half a day left to spare, so I suggested we visit The Litchi Orchard in Umhlali.
Image Credit: The Litchi Orchard
When you're a parent there's many things that you don't have time for or just don't get around to doing. Visiting The Litchi Orchard was one of them.

So we took the quick drive from Ballito to Umhlai and found ourselves at a gorgeous spot, packed with cars, as it seemed everyone was keen to spend Valentine's Day outdoors.

The Litchi Orchard is a calming place. The hustle and bustle of the city is non-existent, and we loved it. Unfortunately litchi's are currently out of season, so the trees were bare, but alas, there was lots more to look forward to :)

There was ample space for Danielle to run around and tons of beautiful flowers and greenery.

The Valentine's Market itself had tons to offer, from food to craft stalls and even a live band!

Little Fish, an acoustic band, were the entertainment for the day, with lovely renditions of songs such as Hotel California.

One of the highlights was meeting a friend of mine, Rebecca Lund, who has finally pursued her love for food by opening a gorgeous restaurant with her sister Kate.
Image Credit: Delish.
The Delish Sisters Cafe' is a lovely spot at The Litchi Orchard and is famous for their Harvest Table as well as their dangerously-delicious Chocolate Brownies.

Be sure to visit the Delish Sisters when you head over to The Litchi Orchard and give their food a try.

The Delish Sisters are also at most markets in and around Durban including iHeart Market and Granada Square Market. Keep an eye on their Facebook Page for more details.
Image Credit: Delish.
Image Credit: The Litchi Orchard
So all in all a great day at the Litchi Orchard and we'll definitely be going back soon :)

You can view their Facebook Page for more information on their markets and weekend visits.

Happy Shopping!

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